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Crank Watch: That Bastard Lincoln


Presidents' Day is always a great time to scan FreeRepublic, the grizzliest right-wing web site, for tributes to Abraham Lincoln. Here is a sampling:

From replies to a "Lincoln's Birthday" posting of Garry Wills' famous 1992 Atlantic article on the Gettysburg Address:

I want the country back when it was a constitutional republic instead of the sick socialized democracy it's become. Might as well start celebrating Lenin's birthday if you're going to honor lincoln.

ping for the tyrant's birthday. All hail Caesar.

Living in a state that didn't even allow blacks to move into the state and slavery was a torment to him!! The perfect liberal.

Happy Birthday to the American Hitler known as Abe Lincoln.

...possibly demented homo (shared a bed with old Speed for four years. I guess lawyers didn't make any money in those days...) lincoln burns in a fiery pit.

I hope that the lava in the hell pot (where ya seem to be now) is hot enough...I want to greet the devil which daggers your evil soul with his trident, too. I hope you aren't well now. Sic semper tyrannis !! (thus ever unto tyrants). (This poster, "Heritage_Defender," goes on to compare Lincoln to Stalin, Pol Pot, and Osama Bin Laden.)

Father Abraham was a statist pig and got what he deserved.

Happy birthday to America's first Fuhrer.... and congratulations on his 137 year Reich...

From another article about the defacement of a Lincoln statue in Illinois:

Well frankly, the bastard deserved a defacing

If it was late enough, and I had enough rye in me, a yellow stain would be found on and around that statue

The reason so many of the Yankee ass-kissers come on these threads is that they don't have the mental capacity to think for themselves, and have sold their souls to the tyranny of Political Correctness. I am proud to be Politically Incorrect, and a proud Copperhead.

An overtly anti-Clinton post, "Lincoln's Feet of Clay," drew the ultimate Freeper putdown:

Lincoln's speeches are as honest and definitive as those of WJ Clinton.

Why this savage hatred of the Great Emancipator? Largely his stand against states' rights--i.e., he did not number the right to secede among them, and used guns to enforce his interpretation.

Of course, there are other reasons. Some posted replies were deleted by the moderator, which, as the above comments show, takes some doing; a clue to their nature may be found in replies to a more recent Lincoln-related posting, "Whites choose Lincoln, Blacks choose Clinton as tops in history":

Looks like to me that the Blacks would want someone of at least their own stature.

...All of this while illustrating their ability to talk in a foreign language, ebonics...

I will never understand the cosmic reasons why the black community poured their support behind clinton/gore while watching their once proud culture implode.

The majority of blacks have proven they are irrelevant in the political process and hold hysterical uninformed opinion -- so their selection of Clinton just synergizes their irrelevancy and affirms their role as contributing to American satire.

Blacks dont value education and have a higher percentage of high school dropouts among their population. Blacks are 10% of the population but perpetrate more than 50% of crimes. Is it any wonder they think a criminal like Clinton was great president?

Very sad for these deceived, willingly ignorant people.

And my favorite:

If any of us answered your question truthfully, the touchy-feely moderators here would ban us.

In fact, these postings may be gone by the time you go to look at them.

February 19, 2002


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